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10-Jan-2018 12:14

While many feel she has improved her reputation from where it was during her previous stint on the Smack Down brand, multiple wrestlers still accuse her of being phony.

A report on urban celebrity news site Media Takeout says that controversial recording artist Kanye West has been offered close to million to come to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Profile & Match Listing • Facts & Stats • PWI Ratings • Merchandise • Opponents & Partners • Win/Loss Record • Star Ratings • Win Types • Relations • Popularity Alberto Del Rio, Alexander Rusev, Antonio Cesaro, Big E.

Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at August 2009, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from September of 2009 as we read Dirt Sheet History.

A 256-page paperback book on D-Generation X, , is set to be released by World Wrestling Entertainment on Tuesday, October 6th.

The Miz and Evan Bourne as guys who are improving and have a lot of upside potential.Batista says he has a thing for twins and that they have a couple of those. I was like, ‘Man, this guy watches a lot of tape.’ But he does them well, so I can’t say anything bad about him. He’s heck of an athlete.” TNA president Dixie Carter recently issued a mandate to strictly hire ‘beautiful women’.

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However, I cannot guarantee promptness, only that I will add it to my queue and deliver whenever inspiration strikes and time permits. XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX ASUKA XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX You'll be in EVA-02's Cage. Careful, he WAS hiding it in his ass." After posing for you once, Asuka then goes on to give you even MORE service (apparently to make up for what she didn't provide earlier). Afterwards, you'll be at Sengokuhara Station, with Kaworu reverting to his default expression for the entire game. I couldn't follow it at all, so I attempted a pseudo-translation, to get an idea of what was going on. Hikari warns them, "If you aren't careful, the boys will look! You tell Asuka that you've gotten so used to seeing her in the gym outfit, it doesn't make you feel a thing. " (I don't get it...) *-------------------------------------------------------------------------* | TRIVIA: The shot of Asuka kicking Toji and Kensuke is a reference back | | to the first "Girlfriend of Steel". " (His name is what appears in the sky, in case you're curious.) You'll find yourself at the campus. - If you go to the music room, there will be a really weird noise. If you pick the second, you'll follow Kensuke to the running course; if you take the first, you'll just have to go there yourself. [Its] purpose was to | | investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell UFO incident... - Go to the staff room to talk to Nebukawa no sensei. Although it was released on the "S^2 Works" CD Box Set, it never | | received a proper title. | *------------------------------------------------------------------------------* You'll be in the standby room. XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX ASUKA XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX Asuka will leave the standby room. I carry out my | | duties in order to preserve the public order of | | New York City." | | Narrator "It was in this way that peace was | | restored to the world. We'll never forget what you've | | done." | *--------------------------------------------------* Are you scared yet? To activate the next cute scene, go to EVA-02's Cage. Asuka's taken her up to the Geofront, where she angrily kicks around frighteningly huge melons. You talk to Asuka, and you're taken to the L-1 Elevator Hall. - Talk to Kensuke at the pool and the tennis court. Rei lies on the beach chair, providing plenty of "Service, Service! Misato interrupts the chemistry to inform you that you have some free time. " | | (Ramiel on-screen.) | | Hyuga "They are heading for our location." | | (Row of CPUs.) | | Maya "Our calculations can't keep up!… continue reading »

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