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18-Apr-2018 09:00

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Drunk Shopping is not a person, it’s just a phone number—but it's your best, tipsy friend when you want some companionship during your online shopping sessions. It was created by the three-person team of Chris Baker, Mike Lacher, and Tiger Wang, and it makes them absolutely no money.You simply send a text to a phone number, initiating the conversation with “heyyyyyy,” and it replies with a ridiculous message and a link to a weird item on Amazon. Baker wrote the copy, Lacher programmed the service, and Wang handled the design.It’s almost like it took the words right out of your mouth, because that’s essentially what it does.Launched in 2013, @tofu_product scans your recent tweets, then responds to you with a mish-mash of your own words a few seconds after you send it a message.Using the API from a service called Twilio, the team programmed a script that serves up one of about 400 responses from their database, many of which are driven by keywords within the sender’s SMS message.“We have no grand plans for this thing,” Baker says. And we had a bunch of funny ideas like would you have to slur to get in.“We launched it about a month ago, and it was an idea that was tossed around for the longest time. At one point, we had built a Captcha that you had to get wrong in order to get in.Recent changes: Upgrade to Premium version - No Ads Virtual Boyfriend Girlfriend Chat is a typical messaging app, it's very interesting, funny and intelligent Chatbot.

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The business of helping developers develop these apps is a thing now.Virtual Boyfriend Girlfriend Chat is a typical messaging app, it's very interesting, funny and intelligent Chatbot.Boyfriend Girlfriend Chat is a chatbot app and it's a friend of Sumi and Simi the best chatbot apps ever.He rewrote the code about a year ago, and now it’s based on Go with a Redis database backend.“When someone talks directly to him, a choice is made,” Toscano explains.

“If tofu doesn't know the person, he reads a little bit of their tweet backlog in order to get some material to work with.

“There’s research showing that people who stay off of social media are more prone to isolation because they’re missing out on the place where the action is.”At any moment in time, that action could stall out.

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