Cisco attendant console directory not updating

13-Mar-2018 18:09

System-Level Configuration Settings Cisco Call Manager Groups Date/Time Groups Device Defaults Regions Device Pools Updating Device Pools Enterprise Parameters Call Admission Control Survivable Remote Site Telephony References Dependency Records System Configuration Checklist Where to Find More Information Configure system-level settings before you add devices and configure other Cisco Call Manager features.This section covers the following topics: •Cisco Call Manager Groups •Date/Time Groups •Regions •Device Pools •Device Defaults •Enterprise Parameters •Call Admission Control •Survivable Remote Site Telephony References •System Configuration Checklist •Dependency Records •Where to Find More Information A Cisco Call Manager group comprises a prioritized list of up to three Cisco Call Managers.

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You cannot create new device defaults or delete existing ones, but you can change the default settings.

Use Date/Time Groups to define time zones for the various devices that are connected to Cisco Call Manager.

Cisco Call Manager provides a default Date/Time Group called CMLocal that configures automatically when you install Cisco Call Manager; however, Cisco recommends that you configure a group for each local time zone.

CMLocal synchronizes to the active date and time of the operating system on the Cisco Call Manager server.

cisco attendant console directory not updating-56

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After installing Cisco Call Manager, you can change the settings for CMLocal as desired.If you try to delete a Date/Time Group that is in use, Cisco Call Manager displays an error message.

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