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The game's basic premise is that it is set in an "Alternate Universe" based loosely upon the famous "Possible World" sequence from episode #26 of the anime.Granted, the scenario system is not extremely intricate, and seeing everything in the game just requires playing certain parts over again and making different choices.The only strategy there is in the game is how you use your save slots.------------------------------------------------------------------------- | (4) So... The story, from what I can tell, isn't anything to hoot about (save the hooting for the abundant fan service! In fact, it's even less substantial than the story of the original GOS (but, I suppose, that allows for somewhat more open-ended gameplay, as opposed to being forced to sit through a linear story with minimal interactivity). You tell him, "You go on ahead; I'll walk." Toji comments that your complexion doesn't look too good, then says, "I'll tell the teacher for you, so go your own pace." You thank him. Misato tells you not to be embarassed about being naked; nothing she hasn't seen before, right? A translation, just because it's easy: *--------------------------------------------------------------------* | Asuka: Is this your car? It's for monitoring you, Shinji-kun, and the others. - Hyuga at Renoir - Kaworu at flower bed - Fuyutsuki (OMFG! Once there, you can either go back to the tunnel (third option at the Kojiri Bus Stop) or explore a little. At the Hakone Shrine, you'll also run into Hyuga (who is babbling about Misato, as always). ) Rei watches you in the audience and we get to see what sorts of flowery fantasies squirm around inside her brain.

The game begins (not counting the preface) with the arrival of transfer student Rei Ayanami (who only looks like Rei and sounds like Megumi Hayashibara -- that's where the resemblance ends) to your school in Tokyo-3. | *----------------------------------------------------------------------* The boys run off without you. (The signs in the background are for Kojiri and Motohakone, BTW.) While walking, you start tripping out. If I collapse like this, will I be on the evening news? You're rather self-conscious about it, though, because Misato is so hawt and you're just a toothpick boy. ) and Asuka at Books Rouet - Fuyutsuki (again) at District 5-3 - Kaworu and Kensuke at the Seiyu Store - Rei and Asuka at the Accessory Shop - Fuyutsuki (again! As far as I know, this is the only time in the game you can explore the rest of this region. If you go onto the Komagatake Ropeway, talk to Asuka at the top. If you keep on talking, you can get an omikuji (a fortune telling paper slip -- it's a Shintou thing) by chosing the first option. Kaworu and you will be getting ready for the performance. Afterwards, she'll give you a bouquette and a hug in the lobby.I'm not going to provide *every* little bitty step for you here, but hopefully this will be better than absolutely nothing at all! (It's scenario-independent, but it has some extra dialogue if you came with Asuka or Rei.) Misato needs to see Kensuke for something (ohhhhh baby), so off he goes. You'll be at the Station and you'll see Asuka sitting and eating a burger. (This is the only time you'll get to explore Shinkichijouji at night, BTW.) Take Asuka to the Accessory Shop or else she'll bitch and moan at you. *---------------------------------------* | Asuka: How do they look? XXXXXXXXXXX XXX REI XXX XXXXXXXXXXX You'll be in EVA-01's cage. Or a drunkard, it doesn't matter which." You'll take a photo with Kensuke's camera. Afterwards, you'll get onto the train, but, naturally, Asuka follows to safeguard Shinji's virginity. ;;) Another scene follows when they get off the train, but I forget what was happening here. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX KAWORU XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX You'll get a pic of Kaworu and Shinji standing in front of EVA-05. ** / \ MM032 (Door) \ / MM031 Fossa Magna (Dead End) (Seventh Junction) \ / \ / Point MM028 (Sixth Junction) ^ | Elevator Exit ^ | (Elevator Ride) | Vertical Shaft Elevator ^ | 1.1km Point ^ | 1km Point \ \ Dead End \ ^ \ | Concrete Wall \ v / 900m Point (Fifth Junction) ^ | 800m Point ^ | Snake Cave | / 700m Point Point MM012 (Fourth Junction) / \ / / \ / / Point MM014 / (Third Junction) / / / / Point MM011 Point MM013 ^ / | / | / Point MM010 (500m Point) (Second Junction) Dead End ^ ^ | | | v Enroute... \ ^ \ | \ v 400m Point (First Junction) ^ | 300m Point ^ | 200m Point ^ | Shaft of Tunnel G-26 Phew! Kaworu kissing Shinji) | | Kaworu: A testament to our friendship, from me. At MM028, take a right (first option) to reach the Fossa Magna. ) that will make shounen-ai fangirls everywhere giggle with delight. ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ Stay with Asuka ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you decide to stay with Asuka, she'll climb onto you and ask, "Are you going to see that girl? A cute scene will follow of Asuka scrubbing your back in the bath. After she hugs you (a there will be a scene where you say good night to one another... (If you head towards school instead, you will talk to Toku-san. The validity of this hypothesis is effectively, devastatingly demonstrated in this game.