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However, it is readily accepted that there is a greater moral imperative to moderate the content of some types of sites – for instance those which are used by children.By moderating the site the operator puts its trust in the individuals who act as moderators, and these moderators must be given clear guidelines on how to fulfill their role.Again, even with moderated sites, a simple complaint process should operate.The less time that offending content appears online, the fewer people will see it – and that could impact on liability or reduce an award of damages.The operator of any site that hosts third party content – be it a website, blog, wiki or message board – must make a decision about whether and how to moderate that content.The main choices are: (a) do not moderate content at all; (b) moderate all content before it appears – i.e.If inappropriate content is posted on the site, and the moderators have failed to find it and deal with it appropriately, then the operator may become liable for that content.

Chat Room: West End Network This is a multilingual chat room geared for people who want to communicate with strangers from distant lands.Many corporate blogs and internal staff blogs will be unmoderated. It may be appropriate to offer an anonymous complaints page if you think staff will be afraid to report problems out of fear of being seen to be reporting their colleagues.