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06-Aug-2017 05:24

Sarah Schroeder said she felt taken advantage of and uncomfortable in her own skin.

Sarah Gary said that when she met Pierce she was a recently-divorced woman in search of a fresh start.

Rose Reddy talked about the damage Pierce caused her and her daughter, stating that she had lost everything she worked for and that her daughter was unable to go to college."I've had to watch the light go out of her eyes," Reddy said.

Reddy said it was difficult to look in her daughter's eyes knowing that she took away from her because she trusted someone else.

Gary said that she is afraid of publicizing her workplace because she fears Pierce would come find her or send someone after her in retaliation.

She also mentioned creditors were still calling her about the money Pierce stole from her and that her credit score was severely damaged.

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In addition, Pierce caused emotional harm to the victims because the victims believed that they could trust him, but instead he used his position to benefit himself, Blake said.

A man who was indicted on several charges related to an online-dating scam was sentenced Friday to 15¾ years in prison.