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Calling on a person by name brings almost anyone out of his or her reverie.If non-verbal cues are disregarded, the next step will be imposing discipline measures within the classroom such as having them stay a few minutes after class or changing their seat. That means the lesson won’t be started, the lecture won’t begin, and nothing will be written on the overhead until everyone is in his or her seat paying attention.It doesn’t take a shout of “Let’s be quiet” or “I won’t start until everyone is ready” to get them to focus on you.

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” Remember to use his name when you begin to speak, otherwise he may not hear the question.At the beginning of the school year, let students sit where they want for a few days.Then about the third day tell them that the next class period they should find a seat that they will keep permanently all year.If there is no penalty for not working, they have no reason to work.

Class goes so much better when you can see your students. Position yourself so that most, if not all of the class is visible.For instance, a teacher will often do an ungraded warm-up exercise to begin the class hour.

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HIV care is filled with communication tasks like this — dialogues between doctor and patient, patient and pharmacist. It only takes one sex experience to get HIV — one slip-up, one wild night. We learn the data of risk, we’re getting frequent tests, and all this new info gives us the ability to make informed choices on what sexual risks we’re willing to take.… continue reading »

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