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25-Mar-2018 01:28

Throughout Asia “new media have become a crucial site for constituting new Asian sexual identities and communities” (Berry, Martin, and Yue 13) as people are connecting through new communication technologies.In this article we suggest that mobile phone technology opens new possibilities and introduces new channels, dynamics, and intensities of social interaction.Two homosexual men were sentenced to 82 whips by the Shariah Court in Banda Aceh, Indonesia on May 23, 2017.They violated Islamic law in Qanun number 6, year 2014 Article 63, paragraph 1 regarding the Law of Liwath.

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Rather over the last decade social, intimate, and sexual relationships have all been undergoing change and their motivations can be traced to a variety of sources including the factors of globalization, democratization and modernization.In this thesis of mine, I will elaborate on this trend of discrediting politicians with sex scandals via social media in Indonesia.What does this trend tell us about Indonesian society?“Compared to previous generations, [younger Indonesians] are freer to mix with the opposite sex and to choose their own marriage,” (Utomo 225).

Modern courtship in Java is characterized by “self-initiated romance” and dating (Smith-Hefner 451).In this article we explore the role mobile phone technology in contemporary forms of social, intimate, and sexual relationships in Indonesia.