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04-Apr-2018 00:53

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I don’t expect my husband to fully understand my black struggles, but he is sensitive to them.

He’ll never be able to relate to many racial experiences I’ve had, but he listens.

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According to a Daily News article written by the Associated Press, the number of integrated marriages has reached 4.8 million.

The Pew Research Center claims that marriages across racial and ethnic lines have more than doubled in the past three decades.

He’s able to sympathize with whatever it is I’m going through.

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But when I read that divorce rates are higher for interracial couples it made me question why mixed couples choose to join hands in holy matrimony.

According to the Associated Press, “One study conducted a decade ago determined that mixed-race couples had a 41 percent chance of separation or divorce, compared to a 31 percent chance for those who married within their race.

If the rise in interracial marriage indicates that race relations have improved- according to Cornell University Professor Daniel Lichter- then divorce rates among mixed marriages may cancel out that theory. Related: Interracial Couples, We’re More Alike than Different I can’t speak for all multicultural couples.

But as a black woman married to a white man, I do agree that there are racial differences.Engage parent’s relationship with each other totally dating known for fact that once reach a certain level of oklahoma nursing home laws were imposed.