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19-Jul-2017 13:57

The eight other Moroccan women didn’t have to verbalize what was apparent to the two of us remaining.

Perhaps it was an anomaly however it was clear that we were looked at as starter wives and that eventually our husbands’ would divorce us and find the “real” wife from home.

On the surface there’s the reception and drinking of a the’.

A little deeper is the sharing of a room in a home, or a meal.

Even if I speak perfect Darija, am a Muslim and do stay with my husband I will always be an outsider and the inner sanctum that Moroccan women inhabit will forever elude me as an outsider.

Moroccans are generous, hospitable, open armed and tolerant of others, but that is a layered reality.

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Out of a handful of 10 couples all of the men had married an American woman first, and only my husband and one other were still married to that woman.

We take care of ourselves and look just as beautiful at 45 than we do at 25.