My neighbours are intimidating me

21-Sep-2017 21:45

If All Else Fails, Call The Police If ever at any point your neighbor makes you feel intimidated or directly threatens you or your property, or even refuses to discuss the situation with you in a calm manner, it is completely appropriate to get your local authorities involved.That’s part of what you pay your taxes for, folks — to have professionals on call to mitigate situations whether they be of the criminal or the civil kind.Due to this, we’re going to be looking into getting a designated accessible spot marked by the city to ensure we don’t have an ongoing problem of this kind.And when the city repairs the streetlight, we’ll be toning down our lighting a wee bit as well.You can either retaliate with passive-aggressive or just straight out aggressive behaviors.Or you can be the grown-up in the situation and address the issue directly in a calm, composed manor.Her work has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Offbeat Home, This Old House, HGTV, The Home Depot Blog, and Hometalk.

Besides, by taking the higher road, you’ll only help your neighbor to realize how ridiculous they’re being (at least you can hope).

With the exception of stellar individuals such as Sir Mick Jagger, their raving days are over.

Not so if your next-door neighbour was Mr William Seed of Lancashire, aged 80, who last week pleaded guilty to a five-year campaign of harassment against his neighbours, a couple called Carolyn and William Maxwell, and their young children in Longridge, Lancashire.

And when we next saw the owner of the truck, we asked him nicely if he could possibly move his vehicle back in front of his house, or to the off-street parking he has behind his house.

Be The Adult When faced with passive-aggressive actions from your neighbors, you pretty much have two decisions to make.

We’ve even offered to purchase temporary block-out shades for their windows that they can use in the meantime.

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