Payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas property

08-Jul-2017 05:16

This is the easiest way to create the property schema required for property field promotion.

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See Sensitive Information in the UI guidance and Developers reference for more details.

If you choose to promote fields as property fields, you will need to define a property schema first.

This property schema specifies an unstructured collection of fields into which you can promote fields from within an instance message defined by a schema associated with your property schema.

In the schema tree, you are only allowed to insert Field Element nodes as immediate child nodes of the Schema node, creating a structure that is two levels deep.

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For the most part, you set the properties of the Field Element nodes as you would for Field Element nodes appearing in a message schema. Important You should not rename any schema that is being used by another schema.The first Field Element node, named Prom Prop1, does not have a value defined for its Property Schema Base property, but the latter two Field Element nodes have that property set to Message Data Property Base and Message Context Property Base, respectively.

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