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23-Mar-2018 00:28

She confirmed that all those who are filmed have to sign waivers and that sometimes they do tell them not to speak or not to get involved in the dialogue of the principals, but "in general they are totally unscripted."On Tuesday the cast split up to spend the week scouring Italy in search of their ancestors.Not to risk another automotive disaster, MTV has commandeered a fleet of drivers who will take them to Bari, Naples, and Sicily to see what shenanigans they can get up to in Italy’s more conservative southern regions.“I thought it was all supposed to be more natural.”In “reality,” the only thing real about the muscle-bound, boob-jobbed, super-tanned posse’s trip to Italy is the fact that acting imbecilic seems to come naturally to all of them.But according to several extras and locals who spoke to The Daily Beast, much of what happens on the show is planned in advance.When the season premieres on August 4, the self-proclaimed Guidos and Guidettes will be portrayed “surprising” their ancestors in the small towns and villages, even though a source close to the MTV production crew confirmed that an advance team has already gone there to secure the necessary waivers and permits and, when necessary, hire locals who will make sure the scene seems as authentic as possible.They will then return to Florence on Saturday where they will finish up their last week of filming.An attorney whose studio is across the street from the Jersey Shore digs said he’s seen rehearsals of their walkabouts and that they frequently reshoot scenes from different angles, repeating dialogue and rehearsing facial expressions. and Vinny tussled on the cobbled streets after a night of debauchery in a Florentine hot spot on Monday night the street became a mini-film set.Bodyguards in black t-shirts with secret-service style earpieces cordoned off the area to keep drunk fans and pesky paparazzi at bay before the “spontaneous” tussle took place.

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