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In Afghanistan, the dialects spoken by ethnic Tajiks are written using the Persian alphabet and referred to as the Dari, along with the dialects of other groups in Afghanistan such as the Hazaragi and Aimaq dialects.Approximately 15-30% of Afghan citizens are native speakers of Dari.Nouns are not marked for grammatical gender, although they are marked for number.Two forms of number exist in Tajik, singular and plural.The introduction of Russian loanwords into the Tajik language was largely justified under the Soviet policy of modernization and the necessary subordination of all languages to Russian for the achievement of a Communist state.Vocabulary also comes from the geographically close Uzbek language and, as is usual in Islamic countries, from Arabic.The dialect used by the Bukharan Jews of Central Asia are known as the Bukhori dialect and belong to the northern dialect grouping.They are chiefly distinguished by the inclusion of Hebrew terms, principally religious vocabulary, and a historical use of the Hebrew alphabet.

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Stress also does not fall on enclitics, nor on the marker of the direct object.

Tajik is still widely spoken in Samarqand and Buxoro today, as Tajiks account for perhaps 70% of the total population of Samarqand and have been estimated to make up as much as 90% of Buxoro.

During the Soviet "Uzbekisation" supervised by Sharof Rashidov, the head of the Uzbek Communist Party, Tajiks had to choose either to stay in Uzbekistan and get registered as Uzbek in their passports or leave the republic for the less-developed agricultural and mountainous Tajikistan.

The dialects of Northern Tajikistan were the foundation of the prevalent standard Tajik, while the Southern dialects did not enjoy either popularity or prestige.

Now all politicians and public officials make their speeches in the Kulob dialect, which is also used in broadcasting.

A large Tajik-speaking diaspora exists due to the instability that has plagued Central Asia in recent years, with significant numbers of Tajiks found in Russia, Kazakhstan, and beyond.

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