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16-Dec-2017 18:27

The decree requires internet providers to block access to the sites for three years.

"The President’s decree to ban Russian social networks and email services is a continuation of the government policy to block all activities of Russian companies in Ukraine.

Below I provide a short description of 3 most important Russian networks in comparison with known . (“In touch” or “keeping contact” in Russian) is the biggest social network in Russia.

It looks pretty much like Facebook, although with less functionality.

Every person signing up creates a profile and can connect with friends, publish photos, update status and join groups. I have not looked into this so much, but it looks like a social network with various hosting possibilities, such as blogs, video and audio hosting etc.

According to Kantar TNS CMeter, 78% of all internet users in Ukraine use “VKontakte” (based on data from April 2017). The Russian sites for the antivirus companies "Kaspersky Lab" and "Dr Web" will also be blocked.Some people even say that Vkontakte copied FB and that FB tried to sue Vkontakte..